It realy feels like taking drugs, Airtimes It’s of course the first time that it’s open for a large group of people, which naturally is a challenge. The trains has very good comfort and the forces during the ride are very very strong. Layout Fun Definitely my favorite ride.The whole Klugheim Area is amazing and so is Taron,the ride is intense,fast and the transitions are insane. The ride is stupid intense. Two strong launches. Masterpiece, Inversions Ejectors, Capacity Smoothness Duration Fun Layout Comfort Masterpiece Duration. I did not watch an on-ride POV before this moment, nor did I know what to expect. Masterpiece Intensity Duration Airtimes, Launch Dead spots, great Launch, really good Theming, 2 Dead spots, really Smooth, a bit overrated, Launch Dead spots. Theming Launch Duration Launch. Taron und Raik holen laut dem Phantasialand 6 Weltrekorde. The only downsides are the fact that the ride is a bit sluggish at the end of the first half, but that means that the second launch hits really hard! Disappointing! Nice surprise! Launch Capacity, Theming Theming Rattle, Smoothness Masterpiece Airtimes I always looked at this coaster as a bucket list coaster that I wouldn't be able to ride for years but I was finally able to get on this beast this summer. The theme and near-miss elements certainly increase the thrill of the experience, racing through the medieval village of Klugheim, and it's the kind of ride you will immediately want to do again. Ejectors Launch Comfort Inversions. Taron is nothing but a masterpiece. Masterpiece I've loved this coaster since the beginning and I'm so happy I was able to ride it. Reliability, Masterpiece Theming Bei einer Beschleunigung gerade nach vorne kommen doch keine G-Kräfte ins Spiel, denn bei der Beschleunigung gibt es die Trägheit des Körpers, der sich, anders als der beschleunigende Zug, nach hinten in den Sitz drückt. Reliability, Theming Built by Switzerland-based Intamin, the new Taron coaster coming this summer to Phantasialand outside Cologne will serve as the centerpiece of a new themed land called Klugheim. Sven: Hold on to your horses everyone. Intensity, Masterpiece Discomfort Taron, Black Mamba, Chiapas & River Quest zijn echte toppers in hun categorie. - some dead spots, Theming Nice surprise! Nice surprise! Taron was custom-built into a new area of the park called Mystery in 2016, debuting as the world’s fastest and longest multi-launch roller coaster (72 mph/ 116 kph and 4,330 ft/ 1,320 m). Yeah your right. Phantasialand: TARON - See 2,981 traveler reviews, 2,852 candid photos, and great deals for Bruhl, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Also surfers with downtime. Theming G-Kräfte: ca. Masterpiece It's almost perfect and the immersion is unparalleled for a coaster of this size, but - for me - the layout itself lacks a bit of airtime and is a tad too repetitive with too few iconic moments. Log dan in met je gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord om je beoordeling te plaatsen. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 16 riders per train. Dead spots. On a brighter note the launches are excellent and very snappy for an LSM launch. Intensity. Inversions, Theming Dead spots, This coaster is a masterpiece! Only real downside is the catterpillar queue near the sound barrier. Hier noch die technische Details: Eröffnet: 2007. Vandaag gaat hij in de snelste en langste multi-lanceer-achtbaan ter wereld: de Taron in Phantasialand. The coaster sits in a canyon of basalt rock at the edge of the village. It already looks amazing without the logo. Fun Als ik weer in Phantasialand kom, doe ik deze als eerste! Capacity, Pace 4 davon alleine Taron. - Also the ride provides a unbelievable experience in every seat of the ride with the front ones being the best (Right a tiny bit better than left), Theming Intensity Capacity, Comfort Pace Pace Lap Bar Intensity It is the fastest and longest multi-launched roller coaster in the world. Layout Zeker Taron is een absolute must wanneer je dit park bezoekt. Airtimes You get a lot more near misses, and you also get wet on the waterfall after the second launch. could be better It's not like they need to do much for it anyways lol. Bruhl Tourism; Bruhl Hotels; Bruhl Bed and Breakfast; Bruhl Holiday Rentals; Bruhl Packages; Flights to Bruhl; Bruhl Restaurants; Bruhl Attractions; Bruhl Travel Forum With a top speed of 72.7 mph, Taron is the world’s fastest multi-launch roller coaster.In addition, it also breaks the world record for the most complex layout, as shown by its record-breaking, jaw-dropping number of track crossovers: 116 times. Intensity, Airtimes We didn’t receive any info or … Masterpiece 1. der längste und 2. der schnellste Family-Boomerang. Theming Die Katapult-Achterbahn "TARON" schickt sich an, die Achterbahnwelt mit mehreren Rekorden aufzumischen: Diese Achterbahnen werden von der Phantasialand-Neuheit enttrohnt. Launch Lap Bar The theming in the park was excellent, with "lands" representing Mexico, China, Africa, Berlin, … De G-Krachten voel je goed op je lichaam. Duration Probably the best themed coaster. Capacity Fun, Airtimes Layout In zes prachtig gedecoreerde themagebieden Fantasy, Berlin, Deep in Africa, China Town, Mexico en Mystery geniet je van meer dan 40 spectaculaire attracties en wervelende shows. Launch Phantasialand Ontdek Phantasialand en beleef met de hele familie wereldwijd unieke attracties en spetterende shows! Launch Smoothness Dead spots, Airtimes 4 trains with 4 cars. Lap Bar Launch, Comfort Disappointing! Even if you don't ride it, you are part of the ride. Vanwege de kleine afmetingen van het beschikbare stuk land bevindt de River Quest zich op meerdere etages en kruist het zichzelf. Such a masterpiece of a roller coaster. Capacity, Comfort Theming After the amazing first hill, you enter a really intense turn and then one of the most amazing "Intamin twists" ever, and once again, the lapbar makes it better than say, Maverick's, to name one. Then you'll end up drooling over hidden parts! There are rides with better theming (Big Thunder Mountain), better airtime, better twists, better intensity,.... Masterpiece Thrill: 3.5/5, Theming You get thrown from side to side with awsome airtime. Masterpiece, Airtimes Taron is a multilaunch steel roller coaster manufactured by Intamin located at Phantasialand in Germany. - Bekijk 2.982 reizigersbeoordelingen, 2.852 onthullende foto's en goede aanbiedingen voor Bruhl, Duitsland, op Tripadvisor. Masterpiece It is 1.32 km in length and reaches a top speed of 117 km/h. Overall a great, amazingly themed ride experience! Definetely one of the best rollercoasters of Germany (and maybe even in the world...), Theming Op Dagtickets bestel je eenvoudig goedkope kaarten met korting voor Phantasialand. Phantasialand heeft meer feiten onthuld over de nieuwe achtbaan Taron, die volgend jaar opent. Simply breathtaking coasters. Taron, Phantasialand (Germany) When one looks at Taron for the first time, they’ll realise right away that Taron’s intensity doesn’t lay on its height or speed. Duration two great launches, tons of airtime - a bit weak maybe but airtime - and fantastic transitions etc... let alone the theming. Waardering: 10,0 maandag 5 september 2016 om 11:47 uur Quality airtime moments. Duration Layout Best roller coaster I have ever done! Masterpiece See more ideas about theme park, roller coaster, park. Launch Theming Duration, Lap Bar Intensity, Theming Masterpiece This is a true masterpiece... from the theming, to the layout, to the intense two launches.. it was the most intensive ride i've ridden so far... to bad I only had the chance for one try, so I cannot tell this is my number one in Europe thus far after another go.. Airtimes Launch Highly enjoyable ride and the whole area works in its favour aswell. Fun Fun This and the capacity are the only negative things about Taron. 4,5g ist im Gespräch. When opened on June 30, 2016 Taron held records for: "Intamin Supply Record Breaking TARON LSM Multi Launch Coaster to Phantasialand",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. It has everything in its very long and twisty layout. Discomfort, Masterpiece Launch Great whip. Comfort Pace Taron crosses the village of Klugheim several times. Launch The layout looks not really extreme from the outside, but it still provides plenty of fun and great thrills. Taron is nothing but a masterpiece. Sometimes you'll be ejected from your seat vertically or laterally, sometimes you'll be folded entirely sideways, and sometimes you'll get all of it at once! The ride itself is fun. Duration, Theming Uniek en onvervalst verpakt in 6 schitterende themagebieden. Maar hoe hard de ride precies gaat, blijft opvallend genoeg geheim. Capacity How did I even survive that ride ? The total image of this coaster is just AMAZING!! 4 G Taron. + Outstanding Theming Klugheim at Phantasialand is the medieval themed area with beautifully themed rock work, a cozy village style and most importantly: two new coasters! Now Phantasialand seems to really draw very different reactions from people, some people think its the best park in the world. With a top speed of 72.7 mph, Taron is the world’s fastest multi-launch roller coaster.In addition, it also breaks the world record for the most complex layout, as shown by its record-breaking, jaw-dropping number of track crossovers: 116 times. Masterpiece The launches are surprisingly snappy and the whippy transitions are top quality! Ejectors, Theming I can't even find words to describe how fantastic this ride is. Nice surprise! Comfort I will say that I experienced it on a very good day. Rattle One of the reasons is Taron and Klugheim in general. Reliability, Theming Masterpiece, Airtimes Duration. Launch Fahrzeit: ca. Pace Capacity. I'll put it simply, it's been years and years since I've walked off a ride feeling quite like that. There is really nothing bad to say about this ride, (a barrel roll might have been a cool addition though, but thats bickering on a high level) Comfort Discomfort, Theming Layout, Theming Harness Intensity But it's absolutely fantastic, and surprisingly intense. Intensity Theming Send my review sonhan .. 1 month ago Theming Smoothness Duration Discomfort. Stap in de boot in de steilste waterbaan ter wereld: de Chiapas. Phantasia land is a brilliant theme park with amazing rides and wonderful themes. Counting down to ride it again. Als we Phantasialand mogen geloven, gaat Taron in ieder geval harder dan 113 kilometer per uur. Insane succession of twisty turns taken at sheer speed. Inversions, Airtimes Masterpiece, Absolutely Unbelievable. As a layout, this coaster is not the best since there are a few weak spots (though flying through theming does help a bit) and the trims at the end put a small break in the pacing. Capacity We visited on Thursday 3rd September, when i believe schools had returned, so while the park was quite busy it wasn't exceptional, with queue times typically being 15-30 minutes for roller coasters and 0-10 minutes for other rides. Phantasia land is a brilliant theme park with amazing rides and wonderful themes. Launch Layout Two great launch experiences, feels insanely fast, throws you from one side to the other, super long duration and a mindblowing theming with multiple head choppers and near misses. Dat zijn 116 kruisingen tijdens de rit. Airtimes Duration Theming Dead spots, Comfort The ride is epic with no slow moment, second launch is the highlight launching upwards past a waterfall that is the best element in the ride. Comfort, Airtimes Phantasialand remains closed. Pace, Theming – Over the years, many … Continue reading "Phantasialand – Klugheim Event: Taron and Raik" ^ Yeah, jaw-dropping "finetuned" quality! And describing F.L.Y objectively alone is also difficult, as some facts are not known yet. Dead spots, Theming You've got 2 good launches (especially the second one), fast tranitions, good positive g-forces and a very good airtime moment (and some weaker ones). Zo wordt Taron de "langste multi-launch-coaster ter wereld". Efteling). It has everything I love in a coaster. A park I have heard so much about. Intensity, Theming But, I gotta get in depth somewhere. Capacity, Airtimes Amazing ride. Daarnaast hoort de intensiefste LSM-lancering in het rijtje van de records. Masterpiece Launch Duration, Airtimes An the theming is awesome, Theming Intensity Smoothness. Pace Reliability, Capacity Masterpiece. Theming Airtimes, Launch Rattle, Comfort Airtimes. I get it is not the most intense coaster, but to me intensity is not the end goal of a coaster; the end goal is to provide amusement and amazement, and Taron provides a ton of both of them. Inversions, Theming En mooi dat net Taron mijn 100ste mocht zijn. I was really impressed by Phantasialand – they manage to cram a huge amount into a very small amount of space. Tear it down! Launch, Theming Phantasialand has produced yet another jaw-dropping theming to make the experience even more awesome. Theming Theming Comfort Dead spots. Smoothness Masterpiece I get it is not the most intense coaster, but to me intensity is not the end goal of a coaster; the end goal is to provide amusement and amazement, and Taron provides a ton of both of them. Duration, Lap Bar Jan 14, 2019 - Explore George's board "Phantasialand (Germany)" on Pinterest. If you aren’t aware, I published a post exclusively for the park’s newest roller coaster, Taron. Intensity Smoothness, Masterpiece Intensity Launch Theming Smoothness The riders aboard the train narrowly miss walls of faux rock faces and waterfalls. Layout Masterpiece Masterpiece Pace Airtimes Layout, Masterpiece Launch Heb je hier al een profiel? Ejectors, Pace Phantasialand is a very cool and inexpensive amusement park. Ejectors, Comfort Very minor shortcomings (trim, some parts without interesting Elements,...) prevent it from receiving a perfect score. The two launches (especially the second one) are very intense. Jan 14, 2019 - Explore George's board "Phantasialand (Germany)" on Pinterest.